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Modern times require therapies that are in sync with our dynamic pace of life. We suffer from ailments typical of our times. The fast pace of life, the increasing toxicity in the environment, our constant fear and worry, and the increase in medical interventions and drug prescriptions are driving everybody crazy.

At Pure Core Energy we put into practice what we have found useful during the years. Our interest has always been in the newly emerging concepts and techniques. So you will not find here what is traditional or widely offered. There are many good therapies to choose from in the field of natural medicine, but here you will find that which is new, emerging, and a step ahead of the game.

Our goal for all our clients is to help you be independent of medicines, that you be your own healer. By the end of our journey together, we hope to empower you to find meaning in your life and the freedom to choose how to live it.

Contemporary Medicine today accepts that every change that cannot be traced back to a material intervention is called Placebo or psychosomatic/believe/faith healing.

At Inergetix we have made this generally agreed concept our own and hold that the Inergetix system is exclusively a spiritual tool.  As a user of the Inergetix CoRe system body of beliefs we agree to present our services to our clients in the following way:

     1.  We cannot intend or expect any changes on the physical health level by the methods we are using with the Inergetix system.

     2.  If positive or negative changes on the physical health level occur we agree that this can only be a synchronistic event without any causal

          connection to the actual treatment with the CoRe system or in other words it is a Placebo-effect.

     3.  We believe that all mind-body interactions required the direct intervention of God.  What the therapist with the help of the Inergetix system

          does is to be a facilitator for this to happen.

     4.  Neither the therapist nor Inergetix can or does claim to be the causative factor for positive or undesirable effects on the physical health level.

We should also make clear that if we use sound, electricity, magnetism, light or other forms of energy that this is used only to increase the believe/placebo effect of the spiritual intervention similarly to the wine and incense used in church.  This is doubtless the case for the Inergetix informational functions but also every scientist would agree that the energy intensities used by the energy applicators are so minute that a physiological effect is not possible.

Note: When we anywhere use the words treat, diagnose, disease, remedy, patient we only refer to treating, diagnosing spiritual and mind diseases. The only function the Inergetix system can have is to propose spiritual remedies or the spiritual meaning/symbolism of material remedies. Also, if it indicates any organs or part of the body this is not indicating any disease in this organ but is giving only a symbolic clue to the trained practitioner to make conclusions on physically unrelated spiritual/mental issues.

Our Vision is to uncover the laws of the spirit that are the informational and conscious dimension.

Our Mission is to find the principles and practices that turn this knowledge into practical tools to alleviate the suffering of humanity

                              on the spiritual level.

In using and developing the CoRe system, it has been discovered that the basis of almost all disease is the realm of the spiritual.  However it has also had to be learned that in our contemporary view of the world we cannot claim, as spiritual healers, that we are able to make changes on the physical level by our work, as this is the domain of the worldly doctors. Our product is a tool to help in spiritual healing, and, that healing on the most profound level is always healing on the spiritual level.

Our vision

Pure Core Energy Wellness Center was formed by Priscilla and Mark Stefan to address their passion to provide a natural health alternative to those clients seeking a path to wellness and/or a return to good health.  As a wellness centers they are poised to provide an essential vehicle of healthcare delivery for the 21st century.  Priscilla and Mark use The Inergetix CoRe LaesEr Bioresonance Device which is an amazing new technology that SCANS your energy field for points of imbalance. It is used for THERAPY involving a series of corrections and re-sets which restore your natural balance.  

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Mark Stefan

Mark graduated Magna Cum Laude from Fort Lauderdale University.  After hearing of his close friend’s bone-marrow cancer survival which resulted from receiving Homeopathic and Biofeedback treatment, Mark became attracted to Energy Medicine and its positive impact on health.  He has pursued alternative and natural health studies, spiritual development, and cognitive studies.  After significant research into the successful results of Biofeedback he found Inergetix CoRe to be in the forefront of therapies that make use of the most recent advancements in alternative science. His level of commitment to the CoRe LaEser Bioresonance System has been reinvigorated with the release of v6.0.  The CoRe LaEser Bioresonance System is primary to the practice and Mark is completely committed to his work at Pure Core Energy Wellness.

Priscilla Stefan

Priscilla is Health and Wellness certified by the National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC), which is accredited by the National Board of Fitness Examiners.  Over the years she has developed an extensive knowledge of many aspects of natural healing.  She believes healing is a personal journey as there are many layers that have contributed to an experienced symptom(s).

As an Inergetix CoRe Energy Medicine Practitioner, she has experience assisting people in finding the key(s) to their personal health.  She believes that consciousness and thought manifests life as we experience it.

"We have to discover ways of thinking and being that guide us to perfect

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