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Therapy and sessions

Q: What are the things the Core can help with?


Q: How many sessions will I need? 


Q: How long does a session take? 


Q: What’s in the Remedies you provide? 


Q: Does this treatment clash with any other mode of treatment I am already undergoing? 


Q: Are there any side effects? 


Q: Can my condition/symptoms get aggravated? 


Q: Are there any Diet or Lifestyle restrictions? 


Q: Can the system be used on people with special needs? 


Q: Can I take a session if I have a pacemaker? 


 Q: Can I take a session if I have metallic implants / heart stents? 


Inergetix Core, and the issues it can address

Q: Does the Inergetix-CoRe System work for wrinkles, hair loss, weight loss, vitamin deficiency? 


Q: Can the Inergetix-CoRe be used with animals?

Q: Can the Inergetix-CoRe be used with plants and crops? 
Q: Apart from people, plants and animals, what kind of things can Inergetix-CoRe work on?     

Q: What about the DNA? 

Remote Healing

Q: How does remote healing work? 

Q: Is there anything specific that I should be doing while the healing is being done? 


Q: Do I need to have faith in the healing for it to work?


Q: What can I expect to feel during the session?


Q: What is a Healing Reaction or a Healing Crisis?


Q: What do I need to do after a healing session?


Q: Someone I know needs this healing but would never agree to this work,

     can I enroll him without consent?


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