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*We believe with the majority of the scientific community that beneficial physical effects of Informational medicine are Coincidental - we did not intend nor expect it but solely were treating the mind, soul and spirit of our clients

Sonya Davies discusses how Core has helped her daughter who had Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia... her daughter is now well, back at school as a normal teenager.

Dr. Karl Maret a medical doctor and a specialist in energy medicine shares his experience with the Core system.

Bree Chamley talks about her coincidental healing of Multiple Sclerosis with CoRe therapy.

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We would like to thank the many people who entrust Core Practitioners with their health.
Thank you for offering to share some of your success stories here!

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Glaucoma and Optic Nerve Regeneration – A Medical Miracle

“I have wonderful news. I will not call it unbelievable, because it is reality. I went for my regular eye examination to a specialized hospital in Losanne. I was seen by a world renowned eye specialist in glaucoma. After a 2 hr. examination he invited  a colleague of his to consult and they both gave me their unanimous expertise – my glaucoma is gone!

The ocular pressure is finally normal and the NERVE HAS REGENERATED – A MEDICAL MIRACLE. He asked me in detail about the treatment and I told him I have only been using homeopathy and nothing else. I told him also about our conversations and our work together to improve my psychological state. He came to the conclusion that the homeopathic treatment was successful and should continue.

Such cases should be made known to people, so that others will know this is possible and so they can trust your treatment. I can document my whole improvement process with records from my three doctors, although I do not need any more proof myself. For me this is not just a treatment but a way of life, philosophy of living. But since the world functions based on its own rules of the times, we may want to provide tangible proof for the miracle.” ~ Julia K., Switzerland

Emergency CoRE analysis and treatment

“You haven’t asked if I have noticed improvement but I’ll tell you anyway! I have great energy. I can fulfill the needs of my busy days. The first day I felt sort of a caffeine buzz, which I was delighted with because at least I was moving! Today, my back pain is down to about ten percent of what it was. Also, the past couple of days have been so productive. I feel very compassionate, able to see what needs to be done, and DO it! That is priceless. Your work sure is fascinating.You are a treasure. Today I got a four thousand dollar bill for tests that revealed nothing and offered no solution. I like your bills and cures better.” ~ H.E.

MRSA, burnout crisis solved in 2 days

“I am a regular, hardworking, single mom who was suffering from burn-out and was diagnosed with MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). It caused terrible, painful skin eruptions and fevers. Antibiotics were of no use, and I soon discovered unrelated symptoms that conventional doctors could give me no relief from…severe hives, and pain in my hands and feet. I went on medical leave from work. All I could do was stare at the ceiling and go to more and more fruitless doctor’s appointments.  My sister recommended Ati’s remedies, and one dose stopped a MRSA eruption in its tracks, never to return again. I had one more bout with hives after taking the remedy, and have not had another. My joint pain was slower to heal, but after finishing the course of remedies, I feel like a million bucks.” ~ Hilary

Allergies and Asthma

“When I started Core therapy, I was using two prescription medications daily, as well as over the counter drugs  for my allergies and asthma.  I was 28 years old, and I had struggled with allergies and asthma for 23 years.  Within months of beginning, I was no longer dependent on prescription medicines; within the year, I could go a month, full of exercise, without using my inhaler.  Now I feel healthier than I ever remember – I just started life as a Town Councilwoman, and I’ve been traveling a lot recently.  But despite stress, travel, and cold weather, I haven’t gotten sick, haven’t needed to use my inhaler.  Thank you! ~ Melissa Turley ~ Jackson Town Councilwoman ~ Jackson, Wyoming